Pet Stars at BlogPaws in Kansas City, Meet Them!

Meet some of the pet stars in attendance at BlogPaws 10th Anniversary!

Pet Stars in attendance at BlogPaws
Pet Stars in attendance at BlogPaws

We met so many pet stars at the 10th-anniversary BlogPaws held in Kansas City, a lot of the pet stars personalities that made our experience even sweeter. As reported weeks ago this was my first time attending and did not know what to expect, on both travel and the actual event. That is why we could not bring my sheltie dog Bella to be part of the experience.

BlogPaws Team in Kansas
BlogPaws Team in Kansas

Kansas City, MO is about 18 hours drive from our location, so driving would not be an option. We took a flight and had to stop first in Dallas to then arrive a few hours later in Kansas City. Traveling with a dog on the plane and not being able to have your best friend with you can be stressful. Other reason to leave Bella at home with her dad.

Miko playing fetch with us
Miko playing fetch with us

While at the conference I met many pet stars who helped me with my homesickness of not having Bella with me at the event. Because attending a pet conference and not bringing your pet child is not a great idea.

The coolest pet star was Samson
The coolest pet star was Samson

The good thing is that the BlogPaws conference next year will be in Florida, just a few hours away from where we live. Bella and I are thrilled to attend next year to hang out with all the pet stars and reconnect with all the fantastic pet parents I met in Kansas this year. And meet new people too.

Because purple is a fashion statement
Because purple is a fashion statement

I loved the fact that the hotel where I stayed the Sheraton Kansas City is pet-friendly. The hotel is beautiful and welcoming. The rooms are spacious and perfect when traveling with our pets.

Meet Seattle the pet star at ZYMOX
Meet Seattle the pet star at ZYMOX

The sponsors and the sessions were outstanding too. I enjoyed being able to reconnect with Solid Gold Pet, one of Bella’s favorite dog food. And meeting with other brands like ZYMOX. A family-owned company that specializes in a natural patented enzyme system to improve the health of pet’s ears, skin, and mouth, without antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

While at one of the cocktail receptions we also connected with Teddy the Dog. A company dedicated to creating fun designs for tees and hoodies and much more!

Purchase your favorite Teddy the Dog products clicking on the banner and start the shopping spree!

Now tell us, are you planning to attend BlogPaws in Florida?

We hope so because we want to meet you there!

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17 thoughts on “Pet Stars at BlogPaws in Kansas City, Meet Them!”

  1. i think i could imagine being in an event full of pets without our own. it’s like seeing someone with their pet child around when you’re away from home only to remind you how much you miss your own. i used to live away from my pets who i had to leave behind with my parents, and that’s what i felt all the time. glad that i’m back home now! 🙂

    • Yes but it did helped me hanging out with few of the dogs and cats in attendance =) thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Solid Gold dog and cat food is great very high quality and my dog and cats love it. You can buy at chewy.com, at PetsMart and at Petco.

    • Hi Patty I loved meeting you too thanks for helping me as this was my first time attending. Hoping to see you in Florida next year!

  2. It looks like you had a fun time! It stinks that Bella wasn’t able to go but I agree it would have been difficult especially while flying!

  3. What a fab event. And yes super important that the hotel is pet friendly, you dont want to leave part of your family at home x

    • Yes the hotel was great, spacious and the rooms fantastic perfect to bring your pet along with you.

  4. I was so starstruck at BlogPaws drooling over all the pet stars!
    Not so professional perhaps but OMGEEE so much CUTE!
    My pup Link ripped the tennis ball from Dragon 360 apart in about 3 minutes BOL!
    You sure got a great photo of our beloved BlogPaws team! I love your caption too!

    • I am glad you enjoyed my pictures and the blog post. Wish I have had the chance to meet you. Hoping you are coming to Florida next year =)

  5. It is interesting when you sit in a session and your toes get licked. Where else could that happen but a pet focused conference?

  6. It is nice when you can travel with your pet, even nicer when your pet is so openly welcomed and even appreciated where you go

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