Pawsome May Celebrations and More

Let’s have pawsome May celebrations ya’ll!

Pawsome May Celebrations
Pawsome May Celebrations

May is here and with it comes many grand celebrations, like Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day, not to mention my birthday too! And since we love to party wanted to share with you some pawsome ideas on how you can include your four-legged BFF’s in this fun May parties.

May the Fur Be With You

If you guys are Star Wars fans, there are many fun activities that you can organize that are no far far away. First, you need your special gear and a Teddy The Dog “May The Fur Be With You” is perfect for all of us dog and Star Wars fans. Teddy’s tees come in various sizes and are available for the rebels and the first order. No matter your affiliation a cool tee is for having the best Star Wars day!

When you purchase a tee, you are helping us help dogs in need. All of our monetary gains due to the selling of this products will be used to support dog and pet-related charities and causes. Not a sponsored initiative with Teddy The Dog. It is an initiative that is ours alone because we want to help the pet community and do something good for dogs in need. If you relate with us on this cause help us with your purchase Teddy the Dog has many designs to choose.

Ay Caramba Tatiana has a sombrero
Ay Caramba Tatiana has a sombrero

If you like  to fiesta Cinco de Mayo is a perfect day. You can enjoy the best Cinco de Mayo recipes by Chef Adriana Martin and dress up! Bella loves to dress up to the occasion and so does Tatiana, who likes to rock her sombrero too. Both are ready to party why not organize an exclusive photo shoot to keep the memories. We invite you to do to the same and join the May celebrations because life is too short not to party!

Viva May and Pawsome Celebrations

Are you ready to fiesta with us?

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35 thoughts on “Pawsome May Celebrations and More”

  1. Oh I love this – what some absolutely amazing and cute looking pets, I love how they are all celebrating May in there own way!

  2. Omg I seriously melted with the cuteness! Bella and Tatiana are just so gorgeous and boy are they festive. My annabelle doesn’t enjoy hats, but she’ll do outfits though.

  3. I love this! Your pets are so adorable. I have a few pets of my own. We’ve got two cats and a bunch of chickens, and soon to have some ducks too.

  4. Love it my animal lover son has a birthday in May as well. So many great days and adorable pets and ideas. Thanks for sharing

  5. I had no idea there were so many reasons to celebrate in May. I feel like I have to do something special for my pups!

  6. Baby RIP was adopted in May and on Sunday Layla is going to a Chihuahua meet up as an honorary Chihuahua where they are having a Cinco de Mayo Party, will be posting pics on my blog next week

  7. These are cute ideas. May means warmer weather and time to gather and celebrate with friends. I love Tatiana’s sombrero! Too cute. Happy early birthday too!

  8. So creative ! Love included our pets in fun ways ! Thank you for sharing ! The Star Wars theme is my fav!

  9. Awwww this is so cute! May the Fur be with you… 🙂 I don’t have a pet but I am planning to get a furry friend in my life soon and this is quite helpful 🙂

  10. I loved seeing all of the Teddy T-shirts at BlogPaws – those are great graphics. We are huge fans of May parties in this house, although Sophie stole and ate all of my taco shells a week ago, so no tacos for her!

  11. What lovely pictures you have in your post. They did make me smile. We remember Star Wars the first time around BUT we get some much more spectacular special effects now.

  12. Very cute products, especially the Teddy t-shirt, that’s too funny! Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy your day and the entire month.

  13. We are big Star Wars fans – and also new fans of Teddy The Dog. I came home from BlogPaws with one of their shirts and think I may have to get a few more, too. Very cute ideas and happy May birthday!

  14. I think they are trying (or succeeded?) to have the May 4th as a Starwars day – “May the 4th be with you.” Which is clever. I appreciate even though I hate Starwars, sorry. LOL

    We will celebrate when the froggies come out and play. Cookie looks every day. So far we’re waiting.

  15. Happy May birthday! Love the party theme…pets are always ready to party and yours certainly cooperate with their modeling talents. The T-shirt is precious.

  16. Sadly, we didn’t have much time to fiesta this year, but these are great ideas for next year! Thank you so much!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! It is also my hubby’s birthday month! My Huskies are always ready to fiesta! (There’s food, right?!)

  18. I’m old enough to have stood in line for the very first Star Wars movie. I love them. So nice to meet you and look forward to following your blog.

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