Pet Halloween Costumes Guide for Dogs and Cats

Get Ready for Halloween with this Halloween Costumes Guide for Dogs and Cats

Pet Halloween Costumes
Pet Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and a lot of us pet lovers are looking for the best pet Halloween costumes for dogs and cats. But before you start looking here is a guide on how to choose the best pet Halloween costumes for your pawsome kids.

Look for Halloween pet costumes that are comfortable and allow your pet to move. There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing something that doesn’t fit right or that makes your dog or cat unhappy.

Bella is ready for Halloween
Bella is ready for Halloween

Make sure the pet costume selected does not limit your dog or cat movement or ability to do the essential functions of the body. Like breathing, eating, drinking, urinating or defecating.

Carefully examine the outfit you are buying and avoid those that have small objects, like buttons or other small items that can lead to ingest and or trigger a choking incident.

If your pet refuses to move or starts sitting or lying down, panting excessively, pawing or clawing at the costume, then it is probably not a good idea to make them wear one.

Ay Caramba Tatiana has a sombrero
Ay Caramba Tatiana has a sombrero

If your dog or cat doesn’t like to wear a complete pet costume,  go the route for accessories. Such as hats, bows, bandanas y festive collars. Just make sure those fit correctly, do not cover their ears and or face.

If wearing a fun Halloween collar choose one that fits correctly and that snugs comfortably around the neck without chocking.

Bella is wearing a hamburger hat
Bella is wearing a hamburger hat

Another idea is to buy a Halloween themed harness with bright colors; those are great to walk your dog around the neighborhood while enjoying Trick or Treat with the kids.

We cannot wait to enjoy this Halloween with the complete family, Bella and our four rescued kitties.

Are you ready to shop for pet Halloween costumes?

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16 thoughts on “Pet Halloween Costumes Guide for Dogs and Cats”

  1. I admit, I am one of those pet parents that puts Halloween costumes on their dogs 🙂 My dogs are pretty easy going when it comes to wearing them, they do put their paw down when it comes to wearing hats though LOL
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Layla will not walk if she has a costume on her LOL, that is from experience and I have stepped back with it. I did the first couple of years when I got her thinking that because Baby RIP was so easy she would be too but no ways. I now just put on a cute harness dress as a costume and it works.

  3. No way will Jack wear a costume, although somehow I did manage to put a cape on him one year. I stick to bandanas and collars, he’s much happier with less fuss.

  4. Pet Halloween costumes are adorable and my dogs actually don’t mind wearing clothes, but I don’t really have any reason to buy them costumes (sadly). We don’t go out or do anything special for Halloween and we live on a busy commercial street so don’t even get any trick or treaters. If anything, I might dress them up in costumes we have from previous years just to get some cute pictures.

  5. My kids are big now but we live on a quiet street with lots of young families so Halloween is a huge deal. Kilo is not a fan of wearing clothes but doesn’t mind posing for pics for treats if the outfits are comfy and lose so he has lots- this year he is a prisoner I think or super pug again. He has no problem with capes, bandanas and harnesses but hats have to be quick on off and I usually cut open tops so he is not constricted. So important to read the signs and keep our pets safe and comfortable.

  6. Bella and Tatiana look adorable! Lexy and Lola won’t wear costumes, which makes me a little disappointed. Our costumes are always photo shopped!

  7. I haven’t ever really done costumes with my cats, my store always has a contest but employees can’t enter so I’ve just never bothered. This year I’m taking Plush to a show with a Halloween theme. I think he’s going to go in the costume parade – I have a witch costume and I ordered him a bat costume. It’s really just a glorified harness which he’s used to wearing so I don’t think it will bother him.

  8. I love your cute pics with your pets in their Halloween themed accessories. I know a few pet parents that do this very thing too. It’s a lot less hassle for their pets compared to wearing a full costume. My foster buddy is just now letting me pet him, so I’m not going to try anything extra on Halloween. But I’m always ready for the treats! LOL

  9. Great post! My Five Siberian Huskies are not really into costumes (I get lots of dirty looks!) although, I can get away with some festive headbands and bandanas, as well as props! Your pics are adorable! Halloween is just so much fun, isn’t it?!

  10. Mr. N likes wearing clothes so he hasn’t met a Halloween costume he wouldn’t wear yet! If it has a hat or some other thing that’s not comfortable to walk around with or stay in place, he just wears them quickly for photos and wears the rest of the costume.

  11. When my kids were younger, we dressed our dog Nelly up in a skeleton costume, and she didn’t mind. Nelly seems to enjoy a coat in the colder weather. The other two are happiest in a collar or bandana.

  12. Important tips for selecting Halloween costumes for pets. My dog Phoebe is great at wearing clothing and costumes, she actually loves it. Icy on the other hand doesn’t like apparel quite as much so for Halloween I look for very minimal costumes and pretty collars, leashes, and harnesses.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  13. I tried putting costumes and accessories on the girls when they were younger, but they didn’t like them at all. In fact, Brulee actually hid! Your pets look so cute in their costumes.

  14. I tried to put our cat Dusty in a t-shirt once. It had ‘Handsome dude’ on it and looked SO CUTE. He disrobed in 3, 2, 1……. * sigh *

  15. I just had to come and read this when I saw ‘Halloween costumes’. I just wish you cats would take to costumes more these look so cute and the ‘Caramba’ Sombrero had me in fits of giggles. Thank you for a lovely smile.

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