Sheltie Lovers Must-Haves

Bella Loves Christmas
Bella Loves Christmas and the Sheltie Lovers Must-Haves

Are you one of those Sheltie lovers like me?

Then this list of must-haves is perfect for you!

We became Sheltie parents ten years ago but have been Sheltie lovers for a long time. When we decided to adopt our first choice was a Shetland Sheepdog, and that is how our lovely Bella joined our family coming from Tampa. And many say when you have a Sheltie you cannot have only one. I have been trying to convince my husband to get another one but now is not the time. In the meantime, I pamper my Bella with this list of must-haves for Sheltie lovers and pet parents. Hoping you buy an item or two as this helps us bringing you tails stories and news.

Zymox Shampoo and Conditioner
Zymox Shampoo and Conditioner

As you know Bella is a therapy dog and as is she needs to get a bath often, I have found that using good quality shampoo and conditioner is a must. We love Zymox shampoo and conditioner it smells fresh and you can use in dogs and cats too. While this product is for dogs with itchy skin, I use it on my Sheltie as she suffers from dryness. Using this shampoo and the conditioner helps to keep her clean and moisturized. Zymox contains no harsh chemicals or cleaners to irritate sensitive pets, and made in the USA.


PetSafe Harness
PetSafe Harness

Bella, when she was young, went through obedience training and the harness that made the difference to prevent pulling is the Pet Safe Easy Walk No Pull Harness. It is comfortable for her and makes it easy to walk her in the park as well as it is the approved gear when she performs her therapy dog duties at the medical facilities we visit. The harness comes in four colors, green, black, blue and pink, and of course, we bought the pink!

Sheltie Tee
Sheltie Tee



When we go out on duty or attend conferences, I like to dress showing off my love for Shelties and found this cute tee from Teddy The Dog. The quality is excellent and comes in different sizes. It also arrived fast!

Sheltie Ornament
Sheltie Ornament



During the holidays including our pets is a must-do. We have in our tree one ornament dedicated to our Sheltie and other for our four cats and two additional for Heidi and Hans, our two little angels in heaven. If you love your Sheltie consider adding this fun Sheltie ornament.

Sheltie Stocking
Sheltie Stocking


On our mantle, we include Christmas stockings for all the family and this one we bought for Bella surely represents her very well. The Sheltie Sable Best of Breed Stocking is almost identical to our dog. It has nice quality and came fast too. Cannot wait to fill it with her favorite treats and toys.

Hoping that you have enjoyed this selection of products for Sheltie lovers, thanks for shopping here. Happy holidays!

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38 thoughts on “Sheltie Lovers Must-Haves”

  1. I always include christmas stockings for my fur babies as well! Shelties have always had a special place in my heart, as my aunt and uncle had one named Angel.

  2. These are all wonderful products as well as gift ideas for Sheltie owners. I don’t know anyone personally with a sheltie, but if I did, I would certainly look into some of these products further. I am a husky fur mom!

  3. I am so thrilled to see Zymox here. I love those products and my dog uses them – with super success. Nice listing of ideas here.

  4. I am a fur-mom to three dogs. But our fur babies are big dogs. How I wish I could get them those cute clothes for them to wear. 🙂

  5. Oh, Bella looks so sweet:)
    As much as I want a dog, I just don’t have the space for one right now, but these gift ideas would be great for my friends who do!

  6. Currently I don’t have pet but I am planning in future to adopt and that time this post will help me. Thanks for sharing already bookmarked this post

  7. This would be a perfect gift to our friends who are furr parents. Definitely checking out my friends’ list and see who would love to receive something related to their pets.

  8. Looks like good stuff! We use Zymox products a lot around our house too. I always spoil my pets around the holidays. I’m happy that this year I got all my shopping done really early! Most years I do it super last minute.

  9. Shelties are amazing dogs. I love that blue sheltie ornament. I vote for that any day. The Teddy The Dog tees are also super cute.

  10. Great must have ideas and although I do not celebrate Christmas I love seeing what the bloggers suggest as it gives me ideas if I need to get some gifts for others.

  11. This is a great list for Sheltie lovers. I really love the ornament and the stocking, and I think they would be the perfect touch for holiday decoration.

  12. Great list. I used to sell so many easy walk harnesses when I worked in pet retail.

    Zymox is the best stuff!!! I wouldn’t be without that in my grooming bag, best thing for itchy flaky cats. My black Persian gets flakey at certain times of year and Zymox saves us in the show hall. Can’t hide flakes on a black.

    • Shelties are the sweetest dogs and very intelligent. Yes, they have hair but the love and loyalty they provide override the hair. You should consider getting closer to one they will change your life.

  13. I need to get some Zymox for my dogs. One has terrible seasonal allergies and this might offer her some relief. Another one isn’t a Sheltie, but her fur is very similar to Bella’s coat.

    I have ornaments of my dogs with their portraits on them. They are some of my favorite ornaments.

  14. I love the t-shirts. Even though I am anti-dressing pets up, I know that in winter weather a t-shirt might provide a light but valuable layer of warmth.

    Lots of tempting treats here and I know sheltie folk will love them!

  15. All wonderful gift suggestions! Love the Teddy items! And one of my fave things during the holidays is adding to my ornament collection

  16. It looks like Bella and Icy have a few things in common – they both use Zymox shampoo & conditioning rinse and they both need a great no-pull harness! I love that Sheltie ornament, it’s so pretty.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  17. I forgot a Christmas movie where the likes of Bella is the main character. She is truly a beauty and hope she enjoys her holidays too!

  18. These are such great ideas!!! I must get the T!! Love your Sheltie, gorgeous!! I am trying to subscribe to your blog via email and I don’t see a way to do that 🙁

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