Dog Walks and why adding them to the daily routine

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Why do we recommend dog walks for the daily routine?

A sheltie dog at the park resting in the fountain. Dogs walks are important for healthy lifestyle. Learn tips on how to include them to the daily routine

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Our work schedule sometimes can get hectic but there are benefits when incorporating dog walks and exercise to the daily routine. There is no question that being active is good for both, the pet parent and the dog.

Dog activity and exercise are of prime importance.

Walking and running keep our best friends healthy plus reduces anxiety and boredom. Mental stimulation for any dog breed is key too. Having the chance to take a stroll in the neighborhood or doing a dog walk in the park releases stress and helps with socialization too.

Dog walks and activities helps the whole family fitness plan. This is a sheltie dog that enjoys riding in the car, visiting the park, and strolling in the neighborhood.

Regular dog walks are a good bonding experience too. The outing allows the dog to feel comfortable outside while feeling safe with the owner. This time is excellent to interact with other pet parents and other dogs too. Just considering the 2 feet rule to avoid the dog step into the space of the other and avoid any conflict.

Getting the chance to go outside and get different smells and scenery is a healthy thing for a dog. Dogs are driven by the smell and like to investigate, this helps with the mental stimulation to keep them entertained rather than running in the backyard. A dog walk is a good way to break the routine.

This is Rocco a tricolor sheltie. He is still a puppy and loves the outdoors.

Plus if you are a shy person doing dog walks allows you to meet other people as your dog can be a good conversation starter.

February 22 is “National Walk Your Dog Day”

Today is the perfect time to start a dog activity calendar or make the first dog walk of the year. Below are a few of our tips for a successful outing with your dog companion. Safety is the number one priority on any activity and even more when incorporating a dog walk to your daily routine.

  • Choose the correct collar or a no-pull harness. The harness allows for a better grip and to keep control of the dog without generating pain or chocking. A good harness also prevents the dog from escaping and run away.
  • Retractable leashes while popular are dangerous as you can lose control of the dog easily and leash can slip off your hand.
  • Instead, we recommend a 4-5 feet leash with a sturdy handle. With this kind of leash, you can keep control while allowing the dog to walk by your side and not in front of you.
  • If transporting your dog on a car, equip it with a waterproof seat cover and a seat belt adjustable leash to restrain the dog while the car ride happens.
  • Some dogs have sensitive paws. Before the walk apply dog paw pomade or have them wear booties. Snow and hot asphalt can generate paw injuries.
  • Make sure your dog has a flea prevention medication. Fleas live in the grass and while exploring the park your dog could be at risk.
  • When going out instead of bringing my personal handbag I have a crossbody bag that is perfect for bringing essentials, such as wipes, waste bags, and treats.
  • Yes, treats are important to bring to the outing. As those allow to keep the dog’s attention and help with the continued training.
  • And lastly, bring water for you and for your best friend too! Hydration is so important especially on a hot day.

Are you ready to go out and enjoy the outdoors with your best friend?

Dog walks and activities helps the whole family fitness plan. This is a sheltie dog that enjoys riding in the car, visiting the park, and strolling in the neighborhood.

We cannot wait to go out today is sunny and not that hot. Perfect day to visit the park and eat ice cream too. Meeting you at the park!

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16 thoughts on “Dog Walks and why adding them to the daily routine”

  1. Great tips for walking the dog. I had a retractable leash for my dog and we don’t use for the very reason you mentioned. A collar or harness that fits well is very important, too.

  2. Back in my home country, we just let the dogs roam around our fenced yard all day everyday. So I didn’t really learn about dog walking until I got here in the U.S. But I do think it’s very important for them since they only stayed inside the house most of the time here.

  3. These are great tips to help make walking with a dog a safe and enjoyable experience. I use a harness with all my dogs after one of them slipped out of her collar while we were crossing a busy street. Thankfully, I was able to scoop her up right away.

  4. My dogs absolutely love their walks! We usually walk them around the same time of day, and if they don’t get to walk they let us know that they aren’t happy.

  5. Dog walks are so important. Dogs can get depressed as well as other medical issues if they’re not stimulated enough. Dog walks cover all of that stimulation they need!

  6. I think dog walks are essential. I know people who literally never walk their dogs and it makes me sad. If you have a lifestyle that is too busy to get your dog out of the house or yard, I don’t think a dog is a good fit for you.

  7. There’s nothing better than going on a trail walk or run with a well-trained dog. Being responsible for a dog is great for your health because even when you feel lazy, you at least have to get out for a couple of walks.


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