Pet Treats Trends and Our Favorites

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Pet Treat Trens

Check out these Pet Treats Trends and Which are Our Favorites!

Nowadays, there is a vast selection of pet treats in the market to choose from. While shopping for treats, we found that many include human-grade ingredients and come in so many shapes and presentations. They come dried, in pastes, and even ready to bake at home.

Treats we love

Making pet food be like human food. For us pet parents, our dogs and cats are families, so we look for the best options to fit their palate and nutritional needs. While choosing the best pet food, we want the products and treats wholesome and safe, the same as we do with the carefully selected food we feed our human family.

That is why many pet food companies are offering diverse options that are organic, grain-free, natural, made with premium ingredients, and low carb. Like human food, we pet parents want transparency on the ingredients used on the pet food and treats we feed our fur babies.  We look for foods that do not have chemicals, additives and or preservatives. That contains vitamins and provides high protein content. And avoid grains or soy as many dogs and cats are allergic to those ingredients.

Solid Gold SeaMeal
Solid Gold SeaMeal

Raw Food – Hot topic for many. The raw diet is a hot topic for many veterinarians as fresh raw food could hold bacteria if not handled correctly. Many pet owners are embracing this idea of feeding raw food to their pets. Mimicking what cats and dogs were used to do in the wild, hunting for their food and eating it raw. We are still on the fence about this, but we respect the decisions other pet owners make. Dogs and cats are Foodies too. Pet food and treats now are allergy-free. You can find gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free options and pet probiotics also.

Tatiana Loves Delectables Squeeze Ups
Tatiana Loves Delectables Squeeze Ups

Favorite Treats Tested by Bella and Tatiana

The Solid Gold Sea Meal we add to the food includes more nutrients, especially when cooking the pet meals at home.

Life Essentials freeze-dried chicken, this one you can add water and hydrate or serve as is. You can also use it as a treat. It is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Caru Soft and Tasty Bars, these jerky type of treat is Bella’s favorite. I have to admit it is not easy to find not available at PETSMART nor PETCO either.

HALO LIV-A-LITTLES these are real chicken breast treats for both dogs and cats. My cats fell in love with this one.

Tylee’s Chicken Jerky big hit and available at Chewy.com. When you open the bag smells like chicken, and the treats are made with no artificial ingredients.

Delectables Stew and the Squeeze Ups are a product for cats only, and mine went bunkers with these treats. 

If you love to bake and your pets enjoy baked cookie treats, I recommend using Whisk & Wag dog treat mix. It is effortless, and the cookies come out perfect whenever following the instructions on the label.

And finally, Stella and Chewy’s, this is a product intended for dogs. It has raw ingredients, and you can add to the kibble to include natural protein to the dog’s diet. I was impressed by this product. My dog loved it, and it is a lifesaver when traveling. Very light in weight and easy to serve. It is expensive but in my opinion worth it. It’s available at Chewy.

Pet Treat Trends and the Varieties
Pet Treat Trends and the Varieties

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  1. My Jeremy loves to gnaw on straight up dried meat jerky treats, he doesn’t care if it says “dog” treats on the bag. I’ve found a lot of things marketed for dogs are suitable for cats if you are careful in reading the bags. Several manufacturers make tiny bags for cats and bigger bags of the same item for dogs. I buy the dog size-better value!


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