Paws in the Park Event in Orlando, Florida

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Bella Attended the Paws in The Park event in Orlando!

Bella attending paws in the park event in Orlando

This event is organized every year by Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando former SPCA of Central Florida. This year Paws in The Park happened in downtown Orlando at the iconic Lake Eola.

The event includes a pet walk that starts at 10 am, and participants and their dogs walk around Lake Eola. The fundraiser supports the remarkable labor that the Pet Alliance does in Orlando.

Event Highlights

Kissing Booth at Paws at the Park

This year they had fun activities for everyone in the family and their pets including a docs diving for the dogs to test their swimming skills; an agility course, a chill zone, a hydration zone and a fun zone where dogs could get a tattoo and even have the pet parent learn about dental health, and other helpful topics.

We personally loved the “Kissing Booth” where Bella joined the therapy dog chores by comforting and kissing participants helping raise money for the cause.

Something for everyone!

Bella busy at the kissing booth

For us humans the event had a Biergarten, the participation of food trucks that were selling diverse food options, from delicious tamales, to hot dogs and even crepes.

Onsite the Pet Alliance had the participation fo few adoptable pets looking for permanent homes.

The event also had an exhibit section with the participation of local businesses and well-known brands such as PetsMart, Loews, American Sporting, Reed Nissan, and State Farm.

Why attend next year?

Taking a picture at the Paws in the Park booth

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando helps more than 8,000 homeless dogs and cats providing care and hope via their animal shelter where veterinarians also help and heal many other animals in their veterinary clinics.

I have adopted three cats from them, and I can attest they do a fantastic job helping the homeless animal community in Orlando.

I am definitely considering attending the Paws in The Park event next year. It was fun and we like to support the local pet community.

If you live in Orlando or visiting, consider joining the fun next year. This is a great event where pet lovers meet.

See you at Lake Eola next year!

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19 thoughts on “Paws in the Park Event in Orlando, Florida”

  1. Sounds like such a fun event. I used to go to a big dog walk in Toronto every year, and the excitement of walking for such a great cause, and interacting with everyone and their dogs make these types of events worth the effort of going.

  2. Looks like a fun event! I’d definitely go to the next one if I lived in the Orlando area. Perhaps that organization could have a similar event in Atlanta? That would be great!

    • This organization is Orlando based I bet there’s a similar organization in Atlanta that hosts a similar event. Orlando being a vacation spot too and pet-friendly makes this event relevant for those visiting the area also.

  3. I always love these kind of events where families and pets are all included, a great fundraiser and it sounded like so much fun. Cannot wait for the summer when the events start here in San Francisco

  4. This sounds great and actually I’ve just started listed American pet events on my blog (because the Canadian event pages is very popular). I listed this event so now have a review to link to … thanks!

    • Thanks so much for doing that addition and including the link to the event. Hoping all is well with you has been long since we have chatted.

  5. This event sounds so fun! I love when they have kissing booths at dog events. It’s the cutest. I hope lots of adoptable dogs found loving forever homes!

  6. Bella is such a cutie! thanks so much for supporting causes and participating in events that help organizations raise money to help homeless animals.

  7. Love events that bring families, including pets – because pets are part of family. If I saw this kissing booth I’d definitely have to get some smooches!

  8. Oh I LOVE the kissing booth and such a sweetheart too!

    Having a pet friendly event has to draw people with dogs and some cats in. They will love it.

  9. That’s AMAZING! I usually don’t take my dogs to ‘pet events’ because they’re usually more for the people than their pets. The walk sounds like fun, and I would love the opportunity for Jack to try out his ‘dock diving’ skills without having to commit to a whole series of sessions.

  10. How fun is this! We are visiting Orlando with Navy for the first time in June. We will look to see if there are any other events at this time.

  11. What a fun event! I love your photos, and especially the Kissing Booth one! I’d love to have been there! I’d be busy at that Kissing Booth!

  12. What a great event! I think my favorite thing would have been the kissing booth! You are such a great ambassador, giving kisses, smiles & love to everyone. Great photos.


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