Cat Friendly Garden Planting Guide for Kitty parents

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A cat enjoying the outdoors
A Cat Friendly Garden

Plant a Cat-Friendly Garden this Spring. Your Kitty will love it!

I love gardening and my cats so planting a cat-friendly garden is a common thing we do this time of the year. It is fun, and we are doing something good for our kitty companions.

Our cats live inside our home, but from time to time they like to adventure around the garden to provide a pleasurable experience, it is nice to have cat-friendly plants that they love and that will stimulate their senses.

Renew the garden beds with new soil
Renew the garden beds with new soil

Your cat friendly garden must include catnip!

Cats love catnip and kitty gardens. They like to smell it and eat it. Coincidentally catnip is part of the mint family too, who knew!

The catnip oil available in the leaves when gently rubbed make cats very happy and excited. This oil and scent soothe them cats eat the fresh catnip too.

While catnip is one of the essential cat plants, dogs love catnip too. Bella, my sheltie dog, likes to smell the catnip that we grow in the garden. Catnip is excellent for dogs.

With its tranquilizing effect catnip is a safe as a herbal remedy to alleviate nervousness and sleeplessness in many animals. But cats enjoy it the most.

Catnip is also a unique natural treatment when traveling long distances. Tatiana, our oldest kitty, now enjoys car rides thanks to catnip. She loves to rub herself in the fresh catnip and rolls in the kitty garden bed.

Catnip is a favorite plant for kitties and are good for a cat friendly garden
Catnip is a favorite plant for cats

When planning the kitty garden, either indoor or outdoors. take into account that some plants can be toxic for felines.

When gardening for yoru cat stay away from the following plants:

  • Azaleas and Rhododendrons
  • Amaryllis, Chrysanthemum
  • Cyclamen
  • Kalanchoe
  • Lillies
  • Oleander
  • Peace Lily
  • Pothos
  • Sago Palm
  • Spanish Thyme or Mexican Mint
  • Tulip
  • Narcissus bulbs
  • Poinsettia
  • Wandering Jew and Yew
Sunflowers are feline friendly too
Sunflowers are Cat-friendly too!

Friendly cat plants for a cat garden are:

  • Catnip
  • Palms
  • Bamboo
  • African Violet
  • Boston Fern
  • Burros tail succulent
  • Cast iron plant
  • Bromeliads
  • Christmas cactus
  • Haworthia succulents
  • Peperomia
  • Phalaenopsis orchids
  • Prayer plant
  • Swedish ivy
  • Lipstick Plant
  • Fresh Lavender
  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Oat Grass
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Roses
  • Zinnias
  • Gerber Daisies
  • Sunflowers

When choosing your plants for your kitty garden make sure you buy those that are organic and edible grade and do not use any chemicals or pesticides — preventing your cat or dog from getting sick while to ingesting any of the flowers or leaves. The cat friendly garden must be chemical and pesticide free.

Add some adventure for extra fun

Are you ready to create your cat friendly garden?

How to plant a garden for the enjoyment of the kitty at home

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16 thoughts on “Cat Friendly Garden Planting Guide for Kitty parents”

    • Fresh lavender is not poisonous for cats nor dogs unless you are using pesticides. The DIY garden on this site is using organic edible grade plants. What it is toxic and bad are essential oils with lavender. Before I wrote this article did some research and while ASPCA says lavender is toxic many other resources found mention fresh lavender is not toxic. Best bet is to ask your veterinarian. My dog and my cats have not been poisoned with fresh lavender and while I am not a vet I have been a pet owner for more than 20 years. Would not do anything that will harm them and would not recommend the use of lavender oils as a repellent/treatment for fleas either. Thanks for engaging.

  1. I had no idea so many plants were toxic to cats! I knew poinsettia and that’s it. Thanks for sharing. Cute little cat too. 🙂

  2. What a great idea! I think I’ll do this on my porch. My cats are indoor cats but because we live on the second floor they’re allowed to go out onto the porch. I know they will love it.

    • It is a great idea for small spaces an apartments too. My four cats are indoor but since we have a yard that is why I built the garden outside but you perfectly can make one for indoor purposes. Thanks for engaging with us.

  3. I might try a small version of this on our screened in back patio. I don’t like to let our CoCo in the yard because we’ve spotted a bobcat on multiple occasions in the woods at the back of our property 🙁 Great post and info!

    • Our yard is fenced and our cats go out to enjoy the garden for a short time. I guess everyone can do what ever is best. You can make an indoor version too.

  4. I love my kitties and love flowers, plants and etc. Thank you so much for the info on things I can’t plant with them in mind.

  5. My cats love to play outside in my flowerbeds. It’s like their own personal cat jungle among the tiger lilies! It is so cute to watch them play out there!

    • That is so cool cats really love the outdoors. Just be mindful any kind of lilies are poisonous for cats. Don’t let them ingest or get the pollen as your cats could get sick. Thanks for stoping by.

  6. You know my husband was just talking about doing that this year. I think he wants to do it next year when we have our new home.


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