Welcome to TailsDiary Pet Community

Excited to welcome you to our new project: TailsDiary!

We have created this new pet community for all dog and cat lovers. A place for pet resources and gathering useful information while having fun and finding unique tidbits for all pet parents. Our founder is Adriana Martin, an award-winning food blogger at Adriana’s Best Recipes and pet parent to our TailsDiary pet stars. Our new community will be incorporating articles focused on several pet topics. Such as pet latest news and trends, food and health, fun and DIY projects, pet fashion, travel tips, useful product reviews, as well as we are to be hosting few giveaways to spread the joy regarding our debut in the online pet community.

TailsDiary Pet Stars are Bella and Tatiana
TailsDiary Pet Stars are Bella and Tatiana

We attended the BlogPaws Conference in Kansas City, MO last April 18-20. This conference is where all the pet lovers reunite, and this year BlogPaws celebrated their 10th anniversary. As a new online pet community, it is important to join and get to network with fellow pet influencers, brands, and speakers. Please follow us on Twitter @TailsDiary and Instagram. We post daily fun content. Make sure to join and get all the news while they occur.

If you love to write and you are a dog or cat expert we are a community that accepts collaborations!

Write for Us

Send your application pitch today using this form. Our editor will review and will get back to you within a week. We are looking for themes around heartwarming dog and cat stories, heartfelt adoption articles, expert advice on veterinarian care for cats and dogs. Pooch and kitty food homemade recipes, fun and easy DIY projects for pet parents. Travel tips when taking dogs and or cats on vacation. Pawsitive tips for pet training and much more.

We hope you join our TailsDiary community for pet lovers. Please take the time to tell us what content you will like for us to publish on the comments below.

Wishing you all a pawtastic time!

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42 thoughts on “Welcome to TailsDiary Pet Community”

  1. We are not going to be at the conference this year unfortunately as I cannot get away from work. At the moment I am redoing my blog and as soon as it is ready I will email everything to you as I have a story I would love to share.


  2. Welcome to the pet community! BlogPaws is a great way to dive in and meet fellow pet lovers who are passionate about all things pets. I look forward to reading your informative posts and tails.

  3. There are never enough good communities where people can come together, share their lives and challenges and help each other.

  4. Sweet! Hope you enjoy the BP conference. I wasn’t able to attend however I know you’ll learn a lot and have even more fun networking and participating in activities too. I’m sure it will be very special since it’s the 10 year anniversary. Congrats on your new blog venture. Will follow. 🙂

  5. What a fun blog/ community idea. We love our pets so much and the BlogPaws convention sounds like so much fun!

    • Thanks Heather we are pet lovers so this idea of having a site focused on dogs and cats was a natural thing to do. Thanks for engaging with us!

  6. This is such a great idea for people who have the same interests to come together and share tips and experiences!! xo – Kam

  7. We missed going to BlogPaws this year too since there are so many of us on meds. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. I absolutely love the picture of Bella at the computer! 😂 Will she be one of the speakers this year?? 😂

  9. I’m thrilled about this new project! As a fur mom and dog lover, I’m always open to hear new and fun activities to do with my dog and learn about other pet owners! Really looking forward to all the great content next!

  10. Bella looks so cute in front of that laptop. I have two dogs. One is a Pomeranian named Inigo Montoya and the other is an American Dingo/Carolina Dog named Kelevra. Sadly, they are not bloggers.

  11. This is a great idea! I have three dogs of my own and I think it’s awesome that there’s somewhere to get all of your pet news and resources in one place!


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